How to Make a White Chocolate Drip Cake

This simple recipe and technique will give you the perfect white chocolate ganache drip for your cake – every time!  


candy melts heavy cream white chocolate chips  (optional)

To Make Ganache:

Finely chop chocolate, add cream, and melt in the microwave or over double broiler 

Tip #1 Correct Ratio of Chocolate to Cream

White chocolate and regular chocolate need different amounts of cream for different types of ganache - including drip cakes!

Tip #2 Temperature of Ganache  Make sure your ganache has cooled so it is thin enough to drip but thick enough to not run off the cake

Tip #3 Chill Your Cake Pouring ganache on a chilled cake helps slow the ganache and ensure  perfect, not too runny, drips!

Exact temperature and ratios of ganache How to get drips exactly where you want them How to get a bright white  drip  Fun Decorating Ideas!

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Perfect White Chocolate Drip Cake